Tips for a Successful Interview

Know the location and arrive early
Use the interviewer's name at least once during the interview
Do your research; know the company and its products or services
Dress for success
Listen carefully
Maintain good eye contact
Be confident. Focus on your strengths. Believe in yourself
Be positive and enthusiastic
In a file folder, take two extra copies of your resume with you and two copies of references
Have a pen and paper ready with you
Breath deeply to relax and calm yourself
Have your questions prepared ahead of time to ask the interviewer
Be honest and sincere
Plan and rehearse what you want to say about yourself. Volunteer information that you want the employer to know about you
Turn negatives into positives
Remember, your interview starts from the minute you arrive and doesn't end until you leave

And Finally, keep in mind that the interviewer wants You to be the one they hire. Nothing is more satisfying for an interviewer than to meet the perfect candidate, so Enjoy yourself and be Confident.


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