The Ideal Muslim Wife

The Prophet (SAW) said:

"Shall I tell you the most precious thing a man can have? It is a righteous wife: when he looks at her he is pleased, when he tells her to do something she obeys, and when he is away she is faithful and loyal to him" [al-Hakim, who said it is sahih according to the conditions of al-Bukhari and Muslim]


* Brings happiness to her husband

* Brings tranquility to her husband

* Brings stability to her husband

* Brings peace, comfort, and pleasure to her husband

* She makes a cheerful , pleasant , and secure home

* She must be faithful, trustworthy, and honest

* She wants to raise successful, courageous, intelligent children

* She may neither offend him nor hurt his feelings.

The Importance of a good wife to her husband (and of course vice versa) is Great to Allah (SWT). Nothing can illustrate the point better than the Qur'anic statement which describes the righteous people as those who pray:

"Rabba-na hab la-na min azwaji-na wa dhuriyyati-na qurrata a'yunin wa aj'al-na li al muttaqin imama"

"Our Lord! Grant unto us wives and offspring who will be the joy and the comfort of our eyes, and guide us to be models of righteousness" (Qur'an 25:74)

Obligations of the wife: Husband's rights

The main obligations of a wife is to contribute to the success and happiness of the marriage.

She needs to care about the comfort and well being of her husband

She does not deceive her husband purposly

She does not accept gifts without his approval; this is to avoid jealousy, suspicion, gossip, etc

The husbands possessions are her trust

She makes herself desirable and attractive to her husband

She should not deny herself to her husband, for the Qur'an speaks of them as comfort to eachother.


The Ideal Muslim BY : Dr. Muhammad Ali-al-Hashimi
Islam in Focus By: Hammudah 'Abd al 'Ati


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