Manners of the Masjid

* Perform Wudhu and go to the Masjid with the intention of Salaat. All the time spent waiting for Salaat with Jamaat to commence will be awarded like being in Salaat. The Malaaikah also make Du'aa for the one who waits in the Masjid.

* If it is not Makrooh time, perform two Rakaats Tahiyyatul Masjid before sitting down. Read third Kalimah if it is Makrooh time.

* One should not raise one's voice in the Masjid.

* Do not talk of worldly affairs. Talking of worldly affairs in the Masjid destroys one's rewards just as flames consume dry wood.

* One should not pass in front of a person performing Salaat.

* One should not argue over a particular place in the Masjid.

* One should avoid spitting or blowing one's nose in the Masjid.

* One should at all times keep the body Taahir (Paak).

* Keep oneself occupied with the remembrance of Allah.

* If one has lost something, it should not be announced in the Masjid.

* Food with strong odour should not be eaten before coming to the Masjid. Smokers should be mindful of their offensive odour and the discomfort it causes others. The Malaaikah are annoyed by all those things which annoy human beings.

* One whose clothing has an offensive smell because of excessive sweating, etc. should remove the smell or change the clothing before entering the Masjid.

* Dhikr and Quran recital should be made in a manner as not to disturb others.

* The fingers should not be cracked.

* One should sit respectfully in the Masjid without stretching the legs towards the Qibla.

* No such act which distracts others should be committed in the Masjid.


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